Laser Birds

Fire — Phoenix, fire energy. Three Goddess of Fire, three lovely girls, came down to earth with the birth of the Sun Star, three divine rays, casted light on this Earth. Goddess by the wrists, as a wave of wing twist energy, warming up the space, illuminating light, dispelling the darkness, showing a beautiful dance, the beauty of this world. Fireballs, flying in space, emerging in the hands of the Goddess, in the plasma of his being give birth to desire and passion for life, energy, dynamics and expression.
Technical conditions:
Performance duration is 7 minutes.
The required size of the stage — 4*4 m.
Participants: 3 dancers, director, stylist and technician. For more details please visit our terms list (in Russian).
Costume design: Haik Simonyan, Fedor Dodonov.
Choreography: Natalia Talandite.